Virtual Tour of Strawbery Banke Museum
A free app by Timelooper, Inc. and Strawbery Banke Museum

Travel back in time to explore how the Puddle Dock neighborhood changed over the centuries. Strawbery Banke Museum invites you to experience the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of daily life over time — from the Native American people through the twentieth-century residents.

First, watch the introductory video to find out how to scan an area and use the app. Then discover historic sites like the People of the Dawnland Abenaki history exhibit, the First Period 1695 Sherburne House and its English colonial and enslaved African residents, the Revolutionary War-era William Pitt Tavern, and the 1919 home of the Russian Jewish Shapiro family.

Download the 'Xplore Strawbery Banke' app from the App Store or Google Play to begin exploring.