Each year Strawbery Banke presents special exhibits and programs that share the stories of the people who called the Puddle Dock neighborhood where the museum now resides, home. These exhibits and programs pull pieces from the museum's extensive collection that have never been on public display and presents them along with the information about what makes the items unique and historically significant.

Exhibits and programs center around the restoration or preservation of the historic buildings, gardens, and items from the collections that showcase the museum's unique ability to preserve the past and interpret the history of Portsmouth and the unfolding story of America.

Click on each link for more information on recent annual exhibits:

2023 Portsmouth Possessions: Objects that Shaped the City
2021-2023 Water Has a Memory: Preserving Strawbery Banke & Portsmouth from Sea Level Rise
Ongoing People of the Dawnland
2019 World of Wendells -- Commerce, Preservation, & the Sea
2018 VICE
2017 The Painted Past
Ongoing   Port of Portsmouth: War, Trade, & Travel
2015 - 2016 Game On! In the Pursuit of Play on Puddle Dock
2014 Finding Home: Stories from a Neighborhood of Newcomers
2013 Tapping Portsmouth: How the Brewing Industry Shaped the City First Nations' Diplomacy Opens the Portsmouth Door
2012 Thread: Stories of Fashion at Strawbery Banke, 1740-2012
2011 Fitz John Porter: Hero or Coward? You Decide
2010 Painting Portsmouth
2009 Through the Eye of the Needle: Sewing Stories and Family Stories
2008 Hogarth Engravings