Strawbery Banke Museum Mission Statement
To promote understanding of the lives of individuals and the value of community through encounters with the history and ongoing preservation of a New England waterfront neighborhood.

Toward that goal, Strawbery Banke Museum:

  • Preserves for today's visitors and for future generations, historic buildings, cultural landscapes, objects, and other materials pertinent to its mission.
  • Conducts research aimed at placing local developments within the broader context of city, state, and national history.
  • Disseminates the results of that research to the public through exhibitions, publications, demonstrations, tours, symposia, workshops, and other educational activities and programs.

Vision Statement
We bring history and people together for delight, discovery, and learning.

In doing so, Strawbery Banke Museum will:

  • Stand for excellence and entrepreneurship in every aspect of the operation - programs, collections, preservation, and management;
  • Champion the primacy of the visitor experience and use innovative and traditional methods to provide life-changing and inspirational learning experiences based on authentic objects, stories and ideas;
  • Inspire the Seacoast community with awareness of our collective past, and work together to preserve our cultural and built heritage;
  • Serve as a destination where engaging activities connect visitors to our common local, regional and national past; and
  • provide life-long learning experiences incorporating the needs of learners and the community.