Preserving the Legacy of Strawbery Banke.

About the Puddle Dock Society
The Puddle Dock Society was created by the Board of Trustees in 1998, to identify those individuals who have provided for a gift to Strawbery Banke in their wills or estate plans. All those who advise Strawbery Banke of such planned giving intentions are entitled to be named as Members of The Puddle Dock Society and are due to the privileges thereof.

The Trustees and Staff of Strawbery Banke recognize the Members of the Society by posting a list of members (excluding those who have requested anonymity) in the museum’s Annual Report and by hosting occasional events, tributes, and other honors to thanks the Members of the Society for their commitment to Preserving the Legacy of Strawbery Banke.

For a profile of Puddle Dock Society member Patsy Ostrander, please click here.



Charter Members of the Puddle Dock Society (1998)

Anonymous George Friese
Rhett Austell Mrs. John A. Graf 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Barrett Cynthia and Michael C. Harvell 
Nancy and Peter Beck  Booth Hemingway, Sr.
Charles Buckley Cynthia Raymond 
Sen. Martha Fuller Clark & Dr. Geoffrey Clark  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sedoric 
Mrs. Storer G. Decatur  Susan and Robert Thoresen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeGrandpre  Joyce and Kenneth Volk 
Mrs. Warren Delano, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Winebaum 
Patricia and Stephen Foss  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zuckert
Jameson S. French  

What is Planned Giving? Planned gifts are easy to arrange, flexible, and beneficial to both the donor and Strawbery Banke. Puddle Dock Society Planned Gifts create a legacy in the donor’s name that lives on, assuring the past that is Strawbery Banke has a future.

Planned Giving financial vehicles include:

  • Gifts identified in a will or trust
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Gifts of real estate and/or property
  • Gifts of stock or appreciated assets

Identifying a Planned Gift to Strawbery Banke costs nothing and leaves existing cash flow and financial planning arrangements unchanged. Planned gifts need not be cash, can save money, and can even earn income.

Planned gifts provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • Safeguarding the financial needs of a family or loved ones
  • Shifting assets for increased interest-earning potential
  • Reducing income tax and/or reducing exposure to capital gains tax
  • Receiving income from a personal residence
  • Reducing tax costs to heirs
  • Creating a legacy at Strawbery Banke Museum for future generations
  • Creating a legacy with a larger impact than imagined

Advantages of Planned Giving

  1. Easy. 
    Making a bequest is as simple as inserting a few sentences in your will, such as, "I give $25,000 to Strawbery Banke Museum for the Education Department" or "for the Horticulture Department" or "to use as necessary and appropriate."

  2. Revocable.
    Wills and trusts can be changed at any time.

  3. Legacy creation.
    Direct a bequest to a particular purpose at Strawbery Banke that has special meaning

  4. Family first.
    By choosing either a specific bequest or residual bequest, the gift is limited to what is comfortably within the anticipated ability.

  5. Tax-smart.
    Estates and trusts are entitled to unlimited charitable deductions in the form of bequests to qualified charitable organizations.

Preparing an estate plan need not be complicated.

  1. Gather information on all assets, including retirement funds.
  2. Think about the people and organizations that matter most.
  3. Choose a trustee.
  4. Meet with an estate planning professional.
  5. Discuss decisions with loved ones and family.

Planned Giving can be instrumental in Preserving the Legacy of Strawbery Banke.

To learn more about the Puddle Dock Society Planned Giving program and shaping a legacy with Strawbery Banke Museum, please contact the Development Department at 603.433.1100.