"Roses" made from autumn leaves, a Victorian garden craft.


Strawbery Banke Museum’s Center for Heirloom Garden Crafts in the restored Cotton Tenant House is designed as a teaching space for the Historic Landscape Department. Complementing the Traditional Crafts Center in the adjacent house and bordering the Ethnobotanical Herb Garden (created in 2013), the Center’s programs preserve and interpret heirloom plants and gardens, teach hands-on garden crafts, and archive on-line learning opportunities utilizing the museum’s garden-related historical collections. 

Gardens and nature have inspired a wide variety of crafts and activities throughout history. Some crafts are meant to make essential garden work more fun, others can be used to create beautiful ornaments and gifts, and all stimulate dialogue and creativity. 

Some of these activities are meant to be used in conjunction with programs in the Horticulture Center.

Flower drying and wreath-making
Making dried leaf "roses"

Garden Journal (PDF)
Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
Language of Flowers (PDF)
Make Your Own Herbarium (PDF)
History of the Herbarium (PDF)
The Strawbery Banke Museum Herbarium (PDF)
Heirloom Seed Saving