Strawbery Banke Museum Photography and Filming Policy
Commercial, media, special photography, and filming arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance through the Director of Marketing.  For photography/filming arrangements as well as location scout visits, contact:

Veronica Lester, Director of Marketing

Strawbery Banke Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph and/or film on its premises or to reproduce photographs of objects in its Collections. Policies have been outlined below to provide further information on how to gain necessary approvals for various photography and filming needs.

Visitor Photography Policy:
Still, photography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only. Flash is not permitted inside any of the historic houses. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.

Photography is not permitted in certain special exhibitions or any areas designated "No Photography." Personal video cameras are permitted unless otherwise stated and use is subject to the terms above.

Press Photography Policy:
Subject to prior approval, members of the press may photograph or film within designated areas of the Museum for the purpose of news coverage that includes Strawbery Banke Museum as the subject.

All members of the press must contact the Marketing Department prior to arrival at the Museum. To make arrangements, contact:

Veronica Lester, Director of Marketing

Please schedule press visits at least five business days in advance to ensure availability. Marketing staff is typically not available on weekends unless previous arrangements have been made.

Commercial and Special Photography and Filming Policy
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to fill out the project request form, after reviewing the following information. 

Strawbery Banke Museum charges site fees for all filming and photography intended for commercial purposes. Site fees may also be charged for using the museum as a setting for other projects that are not considered personal snapshots or editorial coverage by the press. Site fees vary based on the details of each project.

Museum Hours:
Strawbery Banke Museum historic houses are open to the public daily from 10 AM - 5 PM May 1 through October 31 and during November and December for tours and special events. No special arrangements can be made to quarantine an area from normal visitor traffic during the Museum’s normal business hours. All filming and photography must be conducted without disruption to Museum operations or limitations to access to exhibitions, stairwells, entrances/exits, high traffic areas, or other locations of interest to Museum visitors.

Before Photography or Filming Can Occur:
Strawbery Banke Museum reserves the right to decline any request for any reason, including any project that Museum personnel believes could reflect negatively upon the Museum or its reputation as a historic and educational institution.

For every shoot proposed to take place within the Museum, Strawbery Banke Museum requires the submission of a Project Request Form. The Museum must approve content for anything in which the Museum or its properties will appear, either by name or by visual representation.

For books, videos, films, or other projects, Strawbery Banke Museum must receive full details of any dialogue, written content, or other accompanying information for review prior to approval.

For photography and filming, a list of locations to be photographed or filmed must be provided to the Museum prior to filming in advance. Selecting these locations may require an advance visit to the Museum by the photographer or filmmaker. All logistical concerns such as museum access and availability, power supply, lighting needs, curatorial support, etc. must be arranged prior to filming. A schedule for photography or filming must be agreed upon in advance with the Museum.

A list of artifacts to be photographed or filmed must be provided to the Museum prior to filming with at least two weeks' advance notice. Selecting these artifacts requires an advance visit to the Museum by the photographer or filmmaker. All equipment, props, materials, etc. that will be brought onto Museum property must be approved prior to the photo or film shoot.

Considerations During the Shoot:

  • All Museum artifacts are to be handled only by Strawbery Banke Museum staff or their designates.
  • No signs, barriers, or other Museum property can be moved or handled except by Museum staff or their designates.
  • No open flames are allowed on museum grounds.

A responsible staff member will be present at all times during the photoshoot or filming to facilitate the project. The Museum reserves the right to stop filming if the property or collections are deemed to be at risk or if the project deviates from the terms of the original agreement.

Photographers, videographers, and technicians are to wear identification provided by the Museum at all times while on Museum grounds.

Photographers, videographers, and technicians are to take full responsibility for all their equipment. No equipment can be stored on the Museum grounds. All equipment, props, materials, etc., must be brought in and removed on each day of shooting. All equipment brought in must not obstruct the Museum’s public access areas.

Smoking and open flame are not permitted on Museum grounds. Professional language and conduct are required by the organization or professional individual conducting the filming, recording, or photography at all times.

Photography or filming of visitors or children may only take place with a member of the Marketing Department present and requires the express permission of the visitor. Photography or filming of children may only take place with the express permission of their parent or guardian.

The following credit line must appear in the photographs, closing credits of the film, or in the closing credits of each installment
of the production in which the footage produced under the agreement appears:
"Courtesy of Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH."

Strawbery Banke Museum requests two copies of the completed project for the museum and archives.

Disclaimer Concerning All Photography:
With respect to any photographs taken at the Museum, the Museum makes no representations or warranties concerning the subject matter of such photographs.

To the extent such photography incorporates the likenesses of individuals or depicts copyrighted materials, the photographer shall have sole responsibility for obtaining any necessary releases or consents to use such likenesses or materials.  

Legal Restrictions:
The organization or professional individual conducting the filming, recording or photography must agree, in writing, to hold Strawbery Banke Museum harmless against any claims or expenses that result from their work at the Museum. In addition, they must agree to assume financial responsibility for any damage to Museum property caused by them or their agents.

Prior to the visit, the organization or professional individual conducting the filming, recording, or photography must submit a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability naming Strawbery Banke Museum as "additional insured".

A copy of this Certificate of Insurance can be mailed to Strawbery Banke Museum, PO Box 300, Portsmouth, NH 03802.

The organization or individual professional must agree, in writing, not to use the film, videotape, still photography, or recording made at Strawbery Banke Museum for any purpose except that described at the time approval is sought. If another use is later contemplated, it will be permitted only with written approval from the Museum.

Contact Veronica Lester, Director of Marketing via vlester[AT] or 603.766.2496.