Strawbery Banke is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all visitors and improving accessibility to the museum grounds and its offerings for everyone. 

For questions or requests about specific programs or needs, please contact Jonathan Brown, Director of Visitor Services, via jbrown[at] or 603.433.1110.

Parking Lot and Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center

  • Strawbery Banke offers free parking for visitors arriving by car. At the museum’s 82-car parking lot (14 Hancock Street), there are three accessible parking spots, including two for wheelchair vans. Vehicles are welcome to pull up to the museum entrance for visitor drop-off.

  • The Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center is accessible by a brick path from the parking lot to the front doors. 

  • The Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center is ADA-compliant throughout, with the exception of Liberty Fare Dining, including the restrooms. 

  • While there are no doors with power assist, museum staff are happy to open doors. 

  • Service dogs, as defined by the ADA, are welcome. 

  • There is one portable defibrillator located in the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center.

  • The Museum Visitors Guide is available in English, as well as German, French, and Spanish on request.

  • Three transfer chairs are available for visitor use at the Museum, first-come, first-served.

  • For medical and emergency assistance, please contact the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center front desk at 603.433.1100.


  • There are three sets of bathrooms on the museum grounds, including ADA-compliant men’s and women’s restrooms, both with changing tables, in the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center.

  • On the west side of the Museum campus, the historic Penhallow House has modern men’s and women’s restrooms, accessible by a three-step staircase and landing.

  • On the east side of the campus, the historic Jefferson House has modern men’s and women’s restrooms, accessible by a two-step staircase and landing. Each has an extra-large stall with a private sink and changing table.

  • Jefferson House also houses a single gender-inclusive ADA-compliant restroom with a changing table, accessible by ramp.

  • While bottle and breastfeeding are permitted in all Museum spaces, visitors who prefer a private space may prefer the Jefferson restrooms or may inquire at the front desk about other private spaces available.

Navigating the Museum Grounds

  • Strawbery Banke is a large outdoor museum with houses, exhibits, roleplayers, and interpreters spread out over a relatively flat, nearly 10-acre campus. Several of the period-accurate historic homes are not accessible to wheelchair users or others who cannot use stairs. Additionally, some of the unpaved dirt pathways can be difficult to navigate. The museum is working to improve access to all areas of the museum grounds for all visitors, including annual re-grading of some areas and construction of new ramps and pathways.

  • Please be aware that various factors, including weather, the type of wheelchair being utilized, and whether or not you have assistance, will determine one’s ability to navigate some areas of the museum grounds. For questions and concerns, or to enter the museum grounds through an alternative entrance, please speak with a member of the museum staff at the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center regarding your particular needs.

  • There are chairs, benches, and picnic tables situated throughout the museum grounds for visitor use. Those who wish to rest in a quiet area might visit the Thomas Bailey Aldrich House garden, the apple orchard next to the Shapiro House, or the lawn next to the Victory Garden. Visitors who wish to expend some energy by being active might visit the Goodwin Mansion yard or the Puddle Dock green space. Visitors who are negatively impacted by the use of scented products (e.g. perfumes, detergents) should be aware that although they may find themselves in close quarters in some houses, there are numerous outdoor exhibits and features to explore. If a visitor needs further guidance, please inquire at the front desk.

  • Regular visitors may find that certain times of the day or the year are quieter or allow for a more spacious visit, including weekday afternoons, or September and October. Museum membership is an excellent option for families or individuals with limited stamina. Visit one house at a time — members receive unlimited visits for a full year!

  • Please do not bring food or drink into the museum houses. Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum grounds.

Exhibit and Furnished Houses

  • The following exhibitions and furnished houses are accessible by ramp. See the museum’s Visitor Guide (with houses accessible by ramp indicated) here. However, the historic houses have not been modified to meet modern ADA code and it may be difficult to navigate through narrow doorways and around corners, depending on your individual needs.

    • Goodwin Mansion

    • Rowland Gallery at the Carter Collections Center

    • Shapiro House Yeaton House (Maritime Exhibit)

    • Cotton Tenant North (Horticulture Exhibit)

    • William Pitt Tavern

    • Abbott House and Store*

    • Shapley-Drisco-Pridham House*

*Please ask museum staff at the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center for assistance

  • Photobooks of inaccessible interior spaces are available at each of the following furnished houses with inaccessible second floors:

    • Goodwin Manion

    • Rider-Wood House

    • Chase House

    • Shapiro House

    • Thomas Bailey Aldrich Memorial

Education Program Accessibility

Stoodley’s Tavern:

The education building is used for school workshops and special programs.  The entrance is in the back of the building and requires crossing Hancock Street, navigating two stone steps, and walking a brick path.  A sloped concrete walkway provides access to a side door for visitors needing a ramp.  There is an accessible bathroom located on the first floor.  The building has heat as well as air conditioning.  It is also equipped with an air filtration system.

Time Travel Workshops and Guided Tours often use some buildings without ramps, but classroom and site visit locations may be flexible.  Please contact bcoppola[at] to discuss the accessibility of specific education programs.

Camp programs begin and end in Stoodley’s Tavern and the classrooms in Stoodley’s are used for many indoor activities. Camps also utilize furnished houses and exhibit buildings on site. Please contact bcoppola[at] to discuss specific camp programs and any accommodations that may be available to increase accessibility for participants.  

Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Dock Pond

  • Visitors to the skating rink use the main museum parking lot and the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center.

  • There is an additional wheelchair-accessible portable toilet outside during the skating season.

  • Strawbery Banke has a strong partnership with Northeast Passage (NEP), a program of the University of New Hampshire that provides recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. NEP is at the rink weekly with adaptive skating equipment, including sit-down recreational ice sleds, adult skate trainers, etc., and staff who can assist individuals in using it. Check the weekly ice schedule for "Adaptive Ice Time." Interested parties can sign up through NEP. For more information, please contact NEP Education and Training Director Crystal Skahan:; 603-862-0070

  • In addition, for those who would like to skate at other times, NEP has rented a sled for the season for anyone to use during adaptive skate, free of charge. To make arrangements, please contact Kayley Vavra, Rink Manager, via

  • Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Dock Pond has also established partnerships with the Chase Home, Families First, Crossroads House, the Krempels Center, and Future In Sight.