Can't make it to Strawbery Banke, or want a sneak preview prior to a visit to the museum? Whether you're interested in the history of the Puddle Dock neighborhood, the historic houses, or the museum's gardens and historic landscapes, click on the selections below for a virtual tour that will transport you to this historic waterfront neighborhood.

Self-Guided Tour:
Enjoy this virtual tour of Strawbery Banke Museum created by the UNH Geospatial Lab, to explore the neighborhood from home or the sidewalk. 

Listen to the Landscape:

Take a virtual tour of Strawbery Banke Museum's gardens and historic landscapes! Use your smartphone or mouse to discover images that illustrate the rich history of this waterfront neighborhood. The voices, sights, and sounds from the past will transport you and help you find your place in the unfolding story of an American landscape.

Visit Strawbery Banke
Welcome to Strawbery Banke Museum. Watch this brief video overview of the historic of the Puddle Dock Neighborhood and its change throughout time. 

Victorian Hot House (Greenhouse) Tour:
Join Erik Wochholz, Curator of Historic Landscapes for a tour of the museum's Victorian Hot House. Originally donated by the Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel, this structure was rehabilitated for use as a Victorian hothouse featuring exotic plants varieties appropriate to 1870.

Video Overview:
Picture yourself at Strawbery Banke with this overview created by Atlantic Media Productions.
Special Event Preview:
Or sample the many special events at Strawbery Banke in this 'flyover' produced by David Murray & ClearEyePhoto