Strawbery Banke Museum Virtual Field Trips
Not a typical remote field trip.

Strawbery Banke Museum offers a wide range of educational programming for various grade-levels and interests. Programs have been tested with groups of children through the 'Remote Camp Laboratory' and strive to be interactive and engaging. All programs are designed to connect to national and state curriculum standards.

Programs can be 20 – 45 minutes, depending on grade level, student participation, and teacher preference. The cost is $100 per program. Financial assistance is available up to 100% for any school as needed and can be requested via the registration form.

  • Visit with a Roleplayer
    Transport students back in time to meet with one of Strawbery Banke Museum’s professional roleplayers. Using photos and images, a facilitator introduces students to the roleplayer, their family, and the time period in which they lived. The roleplayer then appears onscreen to share stories and objects, answer questions, as well as help students make connections between life in the past and modern times.

    Choose from the following time periods and topics. Other content can be added depending on the teacher’s goals for the program.

  • Meet an Expert
    Give students a unique experience by introducing them to one of Strawbery Banke Museum professionals who will share their passion and expertise in a variety of areas. Learn how historians and archaeologists uncover information about the past or discover how museums can contribute to the study of sea-level rise. Meet an Expert helps students to see firsthand how history is relevant to the world today.

    • History Underground: Using Archaeology to Discover the Past with Alexandra Martin, Ph.D., Strawbery Banke Museum Archaeologist
    • Document Detectives: Finding History Through Primary Sources with Maddie Beihl, Roleplaying and Research Coordinator
    • Keeping History Above Water: The Impacts of Sea Level Rise with Rodney Rowland, Director of Special Projects and Facilities

For questions about Strawbery Banke Virtual Field Trips, contact Bekki Coppola, Director of Education, via 603.422.7541 or bcoppola[at]


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