In 2008. while consolidating Thayer Cummings Library materials, then-Collections Manager, Tara Vose made the rediscovery of a bound album of selected engravings by prominent English artist, William Hogarth (10 November 1697-26 October 1764).

Not only were the engravings in fine condition overall, the plates are sharp, crisp strikes (indicating little wear and careful inking of the copper plates). Further, the folio is of interest as it includes a price list for the works issued from Hogarth's widow, tallied in guineas.This particular folio dates from 1765, updated in 1763 for patent reasons.

A gift from Mrs. L.B. McCarthy, among the best known are his satirical social commentaries The Harlot's Progress (1731), The Rake's Progress (1735) and Marriage a la Mode (1743-1745). His "modern moral subjects" were commonly displayed in English homes and Hogarth's engravings, along with those of numerous copyists, also made their way to New Englanders walls. These engravings are now displayed in the Chase House at the museum.