Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds partner:
Kerfluffle Fiber Farm, Lebanon, ME

Status: Threatened
Adult Weight: 9-12 lbs
Temperament: Docile

Silver Fox rabbits are a bit different from other rabbits you may know because of their fur. When you pet a Silver Fox rabbit, their fur stands upright instead of falling back against the skin like other rabbit breeds. You will not find this trait in any other rabbit breed. Developed in Canton, Ohio by Walter Garland, the Silver Fox is the third rabbit breed developed in the United States.

These rabbits often have large litters and make very attentive and caring mothers and even foster mothers.  Silver Fox rabbits are a large breed, often born solid black or “blue” with the fur turning silver over the course of about 4 months.  Their fur is very thick and resembles that of the Silver Fox found in the Arctic, hence the name Silver Fox rabbit. For more information on Silver Fox rabbits, visit the Livestock Conservancy

Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke partner Kerfluffle Fiber Farm was started in 2013 by Mandy McDonald. Today they raise a variety of animals such as alpaca, Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Angora rabbits, Lionhead rabbits, and Heritage Silver Fox rabbits. They sell many different hand woven Alpaca fiber products including scarves, gloves, hats, and rugs. The farm also shows some of their animals and have won multiple awards for their Alpacas and Silver Fox and Lionhead rabbits.

Activity: Download and print the Silver Fox rabbit coloring pages(PDF) from the Strawbery Banke Museum Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke Coloring Book. Note, both pages are in a single pdf. 

Silver Fox rabbits make particularly good moms. Do you remember why?

How is the fur of a Silver Fox rabbit different than other bunnies? 

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