Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds partner: 
Echo Valley FarmLimerick ME

Status: Recovering
Adult Weight: 75 - 125 lbs
Temperament: Docile

Shetland sheep get their name from the Shetland Islands where they lived for well over 1,000 years, adapting to the harsh environment and eventually thriving in the island’s cold, damp climate. Prized for their wool, which is strong yet soft, this breed produces wool in 11 colors and 30 patterns, increasing its uses and making it the wool a great asset to fiber artisans.

Rams (males) weigh 90-125 pounds and ewes (females) weigh 75-100 pounds when fully grown. Despite their size, Shetland sheep are intelligent and docile. This is possibly one of the reasons why the breed was a favorite to many historic figures, including Thomas Jefferson, who owned a small flock at Monticello.

Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds participant Echo Valley Farm raises Shetland sheep and produces fleece and yarn from their flock's wool in small-town Cornish, ME. 

Activity: 'Meet' the Shetland lambs and sheep at Echo Valley Farm by watching these short videos:

First two sets of Shetland twins, born in March 2020, play in the nursery with their moms.

More lambtics -- aren't they cute?

Like to play tag or run races? So do the lambs. Can you determine who wins the race? It's not as easy as you might think. 

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