New England Natives:
Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, and New Hampshire are American breeds of domestic poultry that were developed throughout the late 1800s and 1900s.

Poultry Antiquities:
The Old English Games, White Dorking, and White Faced Black Spanish are ancient breeds of domestic poultry that date back to the first century.  These breeds were among the first imported by colonists to the New World.

The Clipper Ship Era: 
The Brahma
and Cochin are Chinese breeds of domestic poultry that arrived in New England on clipper ships during the 1840s.

European Imports:
The Leghorn is an Italian breed of domestic poultry.  The Houdan is a French breed of domestic poultry. Both of these breeds arrived in the United States during the 1850s.

Colonial Breeds:
The Dominique, Silver Spangled Hamburg, and the White Crested Black Polish are heritage breeds of domestic poultry that were prized by colonists.  The Dominique is recognized as the first breed to originate from the United States.

Watch a heritage breed chick stretch at last year's event. 

Turkeys are one of the only domestic poultry that are native to the Americas.  When explorers arrived, they found domesticated turkeys, which were then brought back to Europe.

Waterfowl are domestic poultry that swim or live near water including breeds of ducks and geese.  The following breeds originated around the world; Toulouse is a French breed of goose, Cayuga is an American breed of duck, Rouen is a French breed of duck, Runner is a Southeast Asian breed of duck, and Pekin is a Chinese breed of duck.

Take a "gander" at these ducks and geese chatting with each other, what do you think they are talking about? Maybe they are telling some duck tales!

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