Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs
Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke partner: 
Hampshire College (Amherst, MA)

Status: Threatened
Adult Weight: Male, 600 lbs. Female, 500 lbs.
Temperament: Docile

This heritage breed was developed in 1800s in the Berkley Vale of Gloucestershire, England. While exact origins are unknown, the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed likely originated from crossbreeding the original Gloucestershire pig and the Berkshire Pig. Both of the old breeds used to develop the Old Spots are now extinct.

Boars (males) weigh 600 pounds and sows (females) weigh 500 pounds when fully grown. In order to be accepted into the registry as a ‘Gloucestershire Old Spot,’ pigs must have at least one spot on their body. This breed is particularly known for its docility, intelligence, and maternal abilities to produce and raise large litters of offspring. For additional historical breed information on Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, visit The Livestock Conservancy

Hampshire College Graduate, April Nugent helped create a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig-breeding program in the fall of 2016. Click here to listen to April talk more about her idea and the establishment of a long-term heritage-breeding program!

'Meet' the Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets and pigs at Hampshire College Farm by watching these short videos:

Tail-wagging, ear-flapping, skip-hopping fun! Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets playing at Hampshire College Farm. 

Hungry one-day-old piglets drinking milk from mom, Ethyl! It's certainly difficult for mom to nap when everyone keeps moving...

Jane's piglets find a comfy spot in the hay or on top of one another. This has to be the cutest "pig pile" ever!

Do you remember what these piglets need to be classified as Gloucestershire Old Spots?

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