Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds partner:
Tiny Hill Farm (Milton Mills, NH)

Status: Graduated
Adult Weight: About 75 lbs
Temperament: Docile, gentle

Nigerian Dwarf goats were originally bred as companions and show animals because of their graceful appearance and gentle temperament.  They also attracted attention from breeders because of their production and agricultural uses, such as their ability to produce 2-4+ quarts of milk a day and the fact that they can be milked for up to 10 months Nigerian Dwarf Goats usually breed year round and often produce twin offspring.

Nigerian Dwarves are a hardy and pleasant breed, making them appealing to farmers and breeders and helping the population increase in recent years.  These goats come in multiple colors including bi and tri color patterns, and range in size from 18 inches to 23 inches. The breed graduated from The Livestock Conservancy’s priority list in 2013.  

Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke partner Tiny Hill Farm opened in 2008, raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats and bantam chickens and sells goat milk and bantam eggs. If you’re looking to take a yoga class with some adorable goats, look no further.  Given the pandemic these classes currently suspended through the summer and updates will be posted on their website. In the meantime, Tiny Hill Farm offers virtual farm tours or animal appearances via Zoom.

Activity: ‘Meet' the Nigerian Dwarf kids at Tiny Hill Farm by watching these short videos:

These baby goats are kids just like you, they love to hop and dance around!

Babies Vixen, Skye, and Pansy like to jump. Aren't they cute?

Watch these goats, named Vixen and Turtle Racooon, 'kid' around! 

One, two, three 'kids' and counting... how many baby goats do you see? 

Bath time with Annika with babies Pearl and Minerva. You might have meet Annika's mom, Jill at Baby Animals in 2016! 

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