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Dogpatch Farm, Washington ME

Status: Critical
Adult Weight: 450 -550 lbs
Temperament: Docile, Active

The Mulefoot pig is an American breed, named for its non-cloven hoof that resembles that of a mule.  Mulefoots most likely descended from Spanish hogs that were brought to America in the 1500s.

Mulefoot pigs are solid black with occasional white spots. They are fairly compact in appearance with ears that are pricked forward. The average litter is between 5 and 6 piglets, but can get up to as many as 12.  Female Mulefoots, or sows, are very calm mothers. The breed is very rare; as of 2006 there were less than 200 documented purebred Mulefoots in the world. The last purebred herd in existence is believed to be the Holliday herd inMissouri. For more breed information, visit the Livestock Conservancy

Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke partner Dogpatch Farm opened in 2011.  The farm began as a way to bring healthy, free range, and locally sourced livestock to New England.  The name comes from the 9 rescue dogs owned by Dogpatch founder, Susan Frank, when the farm first got started.  Dogpatch also makes handmade Christmas wreaths from plants grown on the farm, a portion of those profits help support the indigenous poor of Guatemala. 

Activity: 'Meet' the Mulefoot piglets of Dogpatch Farm through these short videos. 

Meet Gnocchi (mom), and her 5 babies; Linguini, Tortellini, Ravioli, Manicotti, and Ziti. Watch these cute little piggies named after pasta, wiggle around in the hay.

Imagine having 20 children? 
Blackie did and those are a lot of mouths to feed!

Watch this little piggy scratch an itch!

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