Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds partner:
Weston Family Farm (Hancock, NH)

Status: Threatened
Adult Weight: 225 -275 lbs
Temperament: Docile

The Lincoln Longwool breed can be traced back to the marshy lowlands of Lincolnshire, England.  This breed gained attention in the mid-1800s due to their inclusion at the Royal Show. In the mid and late 1800s, Lincolns were exported throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and multiple countries throughout North and South America.

Lincoln Longwool sheep are large and sturdy animals with long and lustrous wool. Their fleece grows around 12 inches per year and one sheep can produce about 12 to 16 pounds of wool.  They can be white or show shades of gray, black, silver, or charcoal. For more information on the Lincoln Longwool sheep, visit the Livestock Conservancy

Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke partner Weston Family Farm has been raising sheep since 1867.  Seven generations of the family have kept the farm running and today they sell hand-made items from their self-raised wool such as earflap hats, Christmas stockings, and ornaments.

Download and print the Lincoln Longwool Sheep coloring pages (PDF) from the Strawbery Banke Museum Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke Coloring Book. Note, both pages are in a single pdf. 

Look at all the wool on mom. Do you remember how much the fleece of this breed grows in a year?

Cute Lincoln Longwool lambs play in a field. What color will the fleece of your lincoln longwool lambs be? 

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