The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of this year's physical event. However, enjoy Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke with your family, here, virtually! 

'Meet' the Baby Animals: The heritage breeds of baby animals (and their moms) detailed below usually visit Strawbery Banke Museum' each spring. Scroll down to the photos below to get to know them virtually. These animals would have been very familiar to earlier generations of Puddle Dock residents. They were quite typical on coastal northern New England farms from the 17th century on and are still found today (if you know where to look!) For information about each specific heritage breed and their farms and animal educators, click on the name of each breed below! Be sure to check in again for more information added through May 3, 2020. 

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Clun Forest Sheep

Old Spot Pigs

Gulf Coast Sheep

Kerry Cattle

Jacob Sheep

Lincoln Longwool Sheep

Mulefoot Pigs

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

San Clemente Goats
Shetland Sheep

Silver Fox Rabbits

Soay Sheep



Crafty Plant LabelsMany heirloom plants grown at Strawbery Banke Museum have names that reflect similarities with wild and domesticated animals. Examples of plants in the historical gardens at the museum include: Cardinal Flower, Monkey Flower, Hens and Chicks, and Spider Flower.

Learn different plants and their namesake animals by creating unique garden labels at home.  Click here to get started.


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Vanilla Sheep Cupcake
Chocolate Piggy Cupcake



Virtual Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke is generously sponsored by the Little Sister Foundation, Fidelity Investments, Exeter Hospital, Berwick Academy, Joanne Lamprey, Piscataqua Savings Bank and North Hampton Animal Hospital