Strawbery Banke Museum focuses on the people who lived in the Puddle Dock neighborhood that is now the museum campus and in Portsmouth and the greater Seacoast area. Their stories, their records, their clothes, tools and decorative arts form the core of the museum's 30,000 object Collection.

For a sampling of items donated recently to the Collection, see Assistant Curator Amanda Santoriello's  Artifact of the Week blog.

Based on these criteria, to discuss the donation of an item of material culture to the Museum, please  contact Elizabeth Farish, Curator. EFarish 'AT' SBMuseum 'DOT' org , 603-422-7526

The Museum is actively engaged in the collection of oral histories. The 2014 "Finding Home: Stories of a Neighborhood of Newcomers" exhibit supplemented the oral history collection with an on-line archive of family histories. For more information and to arrange for an oral history, contact Elizabeth Farish, Curator, EFarish 'AT' SBMuseum 'DOT' org 603-422-7526
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