DIG Strawbery Banke!
Follow Strawbery Banke Museum's Archaeologist, Alexandra Martin, as she and the annual Archaeology Field School unearth secrets of the past around the neighborhood of Puddle Dock. To read Dig Strawbery Banke, click here.


Coming Soon!
Cat Chronicles at the Banke: Explore Strawbery Banke with a blog inspired by a real cat named JD who became a Strawbery Banke legend. He's not your usual historian: he has four paws, whiskers and a tail. JD's hobbies include history (of course), sunbathing, and sampling the catmint in Mrs. Goodwin's garden. Stay tuned to join JD on his adventures around the Puddle Dock neighborhood.


The Gardens at Strawbery Banke
Learn more gardening practices used at the museum to create beautiful, flourishing historic gardens and landscapes and enjoy tips and techniques to implement at home. To read The Gardens at Strawbery Banke blog, click here



'Bery Short Takes
Occasional observations from Strawbery Banke Museum about history and historic houses, people and events related to the Portsmouth NH waterfront neighborhood of Puddle Dock. To read 'Bery Short Takes, click here