The Portsmouth cat who became a Strawbery Banke legend

JD was a real, live cat who lived across the street and a hop over the fence from the Goodwin Mansion at Strawbery Banke Museum. He lived with his loving family, Mary and David, and another cat, Murphy. They adopted JD from the NHSPCA because he seemed friendly and confident. And, they were correct! 

It wasn't long before JD discovered Strawbery Banke. Most days he could be found wandering the grounds, checking on "his" guests, and even, on occasion, slipping into one of the historic houses to curl up for a nap on a soft, quiet bed. However, his favorite place at the museum was sampling from the catnip patch in the Goodwin Garden

Although JD crossed the rainbow bridge, he continues to inspire the youngest visitors to engage with history at Strawbery Banke Museum.

His real-life adventures inspired the books, "Good Morning Strawbery Banke" and "Good Morning Piscataqua" written and illustrated by Wickie Rowland.  "Good Morning Strawbery Banke" won first place in the New England Museum Association Publication Awards in 2011. Both books and a plush JD the Cat are available for sale in the Lawrence J. Yerdon Visitors Center at the Museum. 

In 2019, Strawbery Banke partnered with Graphic Details, Inc. to create the BankeQuest App, a family-friendly quest guiding visitors throughout the Museum with a series of rhyming clues from JD. The app is available for free in both the App Store and Google Play.