Make a gift of $1,000 or more and become a member of the 1630 Society.

Why support the Strawbery Banke Fund? As the largest source of philanthropic source of yearly operational funding, The Strawbery Banke Fund is critical to the success of programs, providing an expanded base of financial support in unrestricted gifts year after year. 

Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund enable Strawbery Banke to meet the Museum's daily and unexpected costs. Contributions support  Education, Roleplaying, Restoration, Interpretation, Curatorial, Horticulture, Visitor Services, Collections, and Archeology initiatives by providing essential resources.

There is no better way to support Strawbery Banke than with an unrestricted gift to the Strawbery Banke Fund. Without such donations, the Museum would need to add another $10 million to the Endowment to cover the same amount of yearly operating costs.

100% of each gift to the Strawbery Banke Fund supports the bottom line with every dollar providing critical support in keeping the doors to Strawbery Banke Museum open.