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Kid's Garden Crafts PDF Print E-mail

Daily Children’s Garden Programs
May – October every day from 10:00am – 12:00pm in the Victorian Children’s Garden
Led by a Master Gardener volunteer

This is a fun and educational program for children of all ages. Explore the teaching beds, compose a “Language of Flowers” posy, make a garden journal, join in on the Compost Crawl, or even plant an heirloom seed from our historic gardens.


Daily Programs will generally offer one or more of the following:
Garden Journal – Make a journal book to record garden observations in word and picture.
Journal Template (PDF)


Herbarium – Make an herbarium by pressing a flower or plant and learn the history of herbaria.
The History of the Herbarium (PDF)
Make Your Own Herbarium (PDF)

Language of Flowers posy – Using the key in the exhibit panel, compose a secret message to a friend using flowers from the Children’s Garden.
The Language of Flowers (PDF)

Floral Fun – Learn how 19th century children made daisy chains and hollyhock dolls.

The Young Botanist – Examine and compare flower and leaf parts and discuss topics like pollination and photosynthesis.

Teatime – Make herbal sun tea with plants from our Tea Bed and serve to fairies and garden gnomes.

Sensational Salad – Create an edible salad with leaves and flowers from the garden and serve to the fairies.

Collecting Carefully – Learn how to respectfully and carefully collect flowers and leaves so that the plant is not harmed. This is a great lesson for children who like to help in the garden but may not know about proper handling of plants.

Weeds, Away! – Using an identification list of weed plants, children will use observation skills to locate weeds in the garden and help remove them to be composted.

Compost Crawl – Dig through the compost heap to find insects that are part of the decomposition process. Turn the compost to aerate the pile and speed up soil production.

Heirloom Seed Pots and Packets – Either make a paper pot and plant a seed or make a seed packet to take the seeds home with you.
Heirloom Seed Saving (PDF)

Who’s Bugging the Garden? – Identify flying insects and the creep-crawlies with a magnifying glass. Learn which are garden pests and which are garden helpers.

Making leaf roses (PDF)

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