Walsh House (c. 1796)

When Captain Keyran Walsh bought this house in 1796 it was relatively new but largely unfinished, which allowed the Captain and his wife to make their own impressions on it.  As a result Walsh House stood apart from others in the neighborhood because of the fine woodwork, unusual paint treatment (“wood graining” on the pine doors in the hallway and “marbled” stair risers) and striking wallpaper. Because the hallway was a different type of woodwork than the dining room, the “two” doors are actually a sandwich of the two styles.  Though Captain Walsh rented his house in the 1790s, intending to return to it, he died at sea in 1807.

In 1969 the house was moved about 80 feet north of its original location and placed on a new foundation.  It was restored thanks to a bequest from Dr. Frederick Sanborn of New York City and is now used for special events.