Portsmouth Peace Treaty Living Memorial Cherry Tree in the Community Garden.


The Community Garden was founded on the ideal of preserving green space, providing relaxation and recreation, and fostering community spirit. Providing underutilized space at the museum to gardeners from the Seacoast community, nearly three dozen gardeners from all walks of life participate in the project by maintaining their own sections of raised beds. Members include Share Our Strength, Stepping Stones, Kiefe House, New Heights “Get Green” program and numerous families and individuals from the region.

Members learn about organic gardening, reap a nutritious harvest, enjoy monthly gatherings and donate excess produce to the community. Members are encouraged to become members of the museum, are expected to utilize organic practices and must grow at least one heirloom crop in order to help keep the tradition of backyard gardening alive at Strawbery Banke.

In 2012, Strawbery Banke accepted the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire’s invitation to plant a Portsmouth Peace Treaty Living Memorial Cherry Tree in the Community Garden. This Yoshino cherry tree is descended from the iconic Washington DC cherry trees – a gift to the US from Japan in 1912 in thanks for American help in ending the Russo-Japanese War. The Portstmouth Peace Treaty was negotiated and signed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, in view of the garden; and the Living Memorial is dedicated to those, like the Shapiros, who practiced the “citizen diplomacy” that led to a successful outcome and President Theodore Roosevelt’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Please email us at for more information on becoming a member of our Community Garden.